If you're either thinking about purchasing a new home or already made the decision to purchase a house, but you still have questions or concerns regarding the process, price or anything else - let me tell you:

You're in the right place.

This free home buyer seminar is giving you the exact step by step blueprint on everything you need so you can get clarity on everything A-Z and guide to you make the best decision in purchasing your new home.

You will learn about timelines and timing, inspections, loan pre-approvals, negotiations, and so much more.

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Enjoy the latest & most up-to-date marketing & sales tactics to help you purchase a NEW home.
Thinking About Buying?
Are you thinking about buying a home but you don't know where to start?
  • ​Learn to take advantage of Tax Saving opportunities instead of throwing your money away
  • Walk through the important aspects of purchasing a home
What to Expect When Buying a Home
Purchasing a home is most likely going to be one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime.
  • ​We have helped hundreds of clients in the past and we can help you too
  • My team and I are free! The seller pays for our fees and they have an agent who has their best interest at heart. We are here to have yours
Home Buying Process -

First Step

The first step when looking to buy a home is getting qualified for a loan.

  • ​Before doing anything else you need to know what you can afford by getting qualified for a loan
  • ​Don’t go house hunting before going mortgage shopping

Pre-Approval vs


Why you need an approval rather than just a pre-qualification.
  • Pre-Qualification is not a true approval but the initial step in a home loan process where you discuss your financial situation with a loan officer - nothing is verified
  • Pre- Approval is where the buyer provides the lender with the necessary documents to tell them what they are approved for, which loan option is the best for them and what the interest rate will be
10 Must Not’s When Buying a Home

Once you find your dream home, we need to make sure you get to move into it.

  • ​Don’t change jobs; becoming self employed or quit current job
  • ​Don’t buy a vehicles
  • ​Don’t use any charged cards or let your accounts fall behind
  • ​Don’t spend money you saved for closing
  • ​Don’t omit any debt or liabilities from your loan application
What are the Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Home?
Whether you’ve never owned a home before or it’s been a while since you’ve purchased, let's talk about the pros and cons.
  • Pro: Your wealth can increase as you build equity in your home through 2023 averaging about 3%
  • Con: Maintenance costs; work and money to keep a home in good condition

How Much Money Do I Need To Purchase a New Home?
Most people are afraid that it will cost them thousands and thousands of dollars to purchase a home in Brentwood.
  • ​There are various loans and grants to qualify to purchase a home
3 Tips To Get Your Offer Accepted
Are you competing with other buyers on your dream home or do you want to make sure you’ve got the best chance of getting your offer accepted?
  • Make sure you offered a competitive price on a home
  • Put down a larger earnest money deposit
  • ​Let the seller know that you have not written offers on any other properties
Offer Has Been Accepted, What’s Next?

Once your offer has been accepted, it's time to open up escrow.

  • It's time to get inspections done on the home, review disclosures, secure the loan, and get the appraisal done
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Look at what some of our past & current clients are saying

"Thanks Chiselle. Without you, I would have given up on my special house."

"I recently purchased home in Southern California, and I can't speak highly enough of my experience with Chiselle Vega. Buying a home is stressful experience, especially from a long distance away, but Chiselle made it happened. She was always available to answer my questions, day or night, providing helpful information even before it was asked. I'm so fortunate to worked with someone I can totally trust. She is not just an incredible agent, but also a genuinely kind, caring, beautiful person."

- Annie Y.

"We were even presented off market house."

"From start to finish, buying our home in Newport Beach was an excellent experience. Chiselle was very responsive and helpful, throughout the process.

She is an expert in the area and was always committed to finding the absolute best house for us. During the search we were not only presented with on the market options but also were scheduled first in the line on coming up properties and even presented with opportunity to purchase off market house.

We could not be more pleased with her services."

- Konstantin I. & Yumeng L.

"I had excellent experience."

To me, it was a very nice experience. I never had problems. She was very professional, available all time. Whenever I need her help, she was there. For me, it was very easy to get a consultation and let her know what I want. If you are thinking to sell your property, don't think two times."

- Tomas A.


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